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highlights the enduring relationship and genuine love story of two 18-year-old young people who can't give up either. The drama explores the unusual topic of cellular memory, which postulates that organ transplant recipients receive memory from their donor organs. Go Yoo, a second-year student at Hara High School, is 18 years old. Go Yoo, who originally started playing basketball as a means of heightening himself, is frequently lauded for being a basketball genius. Additionally, despite barely studying, he is a nice student who at the very least does averagely in class. In addition to being too busy to date, Go Yoo is also focused with safeguarding Joon Hee. However, after giving Joon Hee his kidney, cellular memory syndrome causes Go Yoo and Joon Hee to fall in love with each other as rivals for the school's top student and So Yeon.

  • Also Known As:
  • Director: Kim Jin Sung
  • Screenwriter: Kang Yoon
  • Genres: Romance, Youth
  • Cast/Actors: Oh Se Hun, Jang Yeo Bin, Jo Joon Young, Jeon Yeong In, Song Jae Rim, Jung Eugene

Episodes 1-8

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All That We Loved photo
All That We Loved photo
All That We Loved photo
All That We Loved photo
All That We Loved photo


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