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The upcoming series will chronicle the experiences of different individuals from Generation Z as they navigate their final week as 19-year-olds and their initial week as 20-year-olds after celebrating the arrival of 2023. These distinctive participants will conclude the year by spending quality time with their friends and gradually preparing themselves for the responsibilities of adulthood. Their journey will commence at "19 School," where they will receive lessons on essential life skills. On New Year's Day, all the cast members will bid farewell to their parents and teachers and move into the "20 House," a place symbolizing independence and the beginning of their adult adventures. Within this environment, they will have the opportunity to showcase their vibrant personalities, form unexpected connections, and create significant memories.

  • Also Known As: 19 to 20 , Yeolahob Seumul
  • Director:
  • Screenwriter:
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Youth
  • Cast/Actors: Cho Kyu Hyun, Kim Ji Eun, Lee Su Hyun, Jung Se Woon

Episodes 1-3

Cast & Credits


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Nineteen to Twenty photo
Nineteen to Twenty photo
Nineteen to Twenty photo
Nineteen to Twenty photo
Nineteen to Twenty photo


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