The Legend of Anle

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After her family was unjustly charged with treason and executed by the emperor a decade ago, Di Zi Yuan becomes consumed by a thirst for vengeance. As the lone survivor, she adopts the new identity of Ren An Le and cunningly infiltrates the royal court. Within the palace walls, she witnesses Crown Prince Han Ye's genuine care for his people's well-being, gradually kindling emotions towards him. However, haunted by the shadow of her tragic past and the deep-seated animosity between their families, she struggles to fully embrace her feelings for him. Determined to bridge the divide and driven by his profound love for Di Zi Yuan, Han Ye vows to reconcile their families' strife, willing to pay any price for a harmonious future together.

  • Also Known As: The Legend of Anle, An Le Zhuan, An Le Chuan, Di Huang Shu, Legend of Anle
  • Director: Gary Sing, Jones Ma, Jason So
  • Screenwriter:
  • Genres: Mystery, Romance, Wuxia, War
  • Cast/Actors: Dilraba Dilmurat, Gong Jun, Liu Yu Ning, Xia Nan, Tim Pei, Chen Tao

Episodes 1-39

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The Legend of Anle photo
The Legend of Anle photo
The Legend of Anle photo
The Legend of Anle photo
The Legend of Anle photo
The Legend of Anle photo


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