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At the age of 23, Handa Seishu is already a professional calligrapher, boasting youth, handsomeness, and exceptional talent. However, beneath these attributes lies a strong sense of narcissism. When an elderly curator dares to criticize his work as "unoriginal," it triggers an intense reaction, leading him to lash out and physically confront the man. In response to this act of violence, his father decides to exile him to the remote Goto Islands, a far cry from the comfortable and familiar Tokyo lifestyle he has grown accustomed to. In this secluded haven, he encounters an eccentric and spirited community of villagers who will become his new neighbors. As he interacts with these free-spirited locals, Seishu embarks on a journey of self-discovery, gradually nurturing and honing his very own artistic "style."

  • Also Known As:
  • Director: Kono Keita
  • Screenwriter: Aso Kumiko
  • Genres: Comedy, Life
  • Cast/Actors: Sugino Yosuke, Miyazaki Ririsa, Tsuna Keito, Toyoshima Hana, Kondo Hana, Yamaguchi Kaori

Episodes 1-10

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