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Kim Tae Young operates as a shrewd sports agent known for luring promising athletes into the competitive arena, maximizing their earnings swiftly, and averting their eventual downfall. Among his clientele, Kim Hee Won, a gifted baseball pitcher, holds a unique place in his heart. However, amidst challenging circumstances, Kim Tae Young is tasked with a new mission: rekindling the career of female boxer Lee Kwon Sook, who vanished from the sport three years ago. At just 17, Lee Kwon Sook had ascended to elite status, maintaining an undefeated record and boosting the sport's popularity before her abrupt disappearance. Now, Kim Tae Young approaches her, as she has embarked on a fresh life far removed from the world of boxing.

  • Also Known As: My Lovely Boxer, Kwonsook , Pure Boxer Lee Kwon Suk , Sunjeongbokseo , Sunjeongbokseo Ikwonsuk
  • Director: Hong Eun Mi, Choi Sang Yeol
  • Screenwriter: Kim Min Joo
  • Genres: Youth, Drama, Sports
  • Cast/Actors: Lee Sang Yeob, Kim So Hye, Park Ji Hwan, Kim Hyung Mook, Ha Seung Ri, Kim Jin Woo

Episodes 1-12

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My Lovely Boxer photo
My Lovely Boxer photo
My Lovely Boxer photo
My Lovely Boxer photo
My Lovely Boxer photo
My Lovely Boxer photo


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